Birthday Breakfast and More

Before all the breakfast fun begins I have to show you what our dog Millie likes to do when it storms…

Millie turns into a baby when it storms…

Now on to our special birthday breakfast. Lew requested blueberry pancakes (specifically like his daddy makes them) for his birthday breakfast.

The recipe I used for his pancakes is the pancakes is the America’s Test Kitchen Buttermilk pancakes and I added blueberries. (He said they were almost as good as his dads, that is a huge compliment.)

For myself I made The Fitnessista’s Protein Pancakes witha few minor changes. I used vanilla whey protein and skim milk.

I topped my pancakes with Natural Maple Syrup, blueberries and a spoonful of Naturally More Almond Butter. I also had a glass of skim milk. This was an awesome breakfast! The pancakes were definitely different but I was full until I had lunch at 1:00!

Lew’s second request was for spinach artichoke dip. So, I went to the store and bought some ingredients to make some for him. My lunch consisted of spinach artichoke dip with salsa a few corn tortilla chips and carrots. I also had green pepper slices with hummus. It was very yummy!

I went for a run around our little town today which was super hard! I normally run in the morning on the treadmill. My 4 mile run turned into 3.6 miles. I made a huge mistake of tightening the stomach strap on my camel back and could barely breath and it took my a mile and half to figure out what was wrong with me! After loosening the strap the rest of the run went pretty well.

Post run I had a protein smoothie topped with almond butter and a whole wheat blueberry muffin. I don’t have a photo but it included:

Skim Milk
A frozen banana
Vanilla Whey Protein Powder

Dinner at church included a little chicken salad, some veggies, two pieces of cantelope and a small slice of Lew’s Birthday Cake!

What a day! I am exhausted!


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2 responses to “Birthday Breakfast and More

  1. You used the same receipe!
    Millie was in a safe place!

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